4. The Finishing Touches & On The Day – Download

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4. The Finishing Touches & On The Day – Download


Hopefully you’ve worked your way through sections 1, 2 & 3 to get here, or you’re at least you’re sure you’ve covered the majority of the steps in planning your special day.

This final download will take you through the last bits you need to know, from collating your RSVPs and doing your table-plan, to managing your guests on the day and who will make sure your day runs smoothly.

I’ll finish with a note on broadcasting your wedding in this digital age (or not) and then those last few things you need to think about once it’s all over.

You’re nearly there, don’t miss out on these last all important nuggets of information and relish in the fact that you’ll be miles ahead of other couples who don’t know where to start!

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You’re nearly there with planning your big day – well done you! In this final section, I’ll take you through everything from guest management in the lead-up to your wedding, to on the day. I’ll talk you through who will run things on your day and I’ll even touch on the bits you need to do afterwards (yes, afterwards!).

  • RSVPs & guest communication
  • Family Politics
  • On the day guest management
  • Children and what to do with them on the day
  • The dreaded table plan **WITH USEFUL REFERENCE TEMPLATES**

Then onto:

  • Who runs things on the day
  • Broadcasting your wedding in this digital age
  • The final things to take care of after the big day


  • Do I hire a wedding planner?

  • Who will manage everything on the day?

  • What about after the wedding – how do we make sure we get everything from the day?

  • Social media & broadcasting our wedding

  • Personal touches – tips for making the day unique to you both

By the end of this section and this entire series of downloads, you should be armed with all the information you need to fully plan your wedding. You should feel confident that you know what you want, how you want it to happen and that you can ensure everything runs smoothly on the day and that all your hard work pays off.



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