1. The First Stages of Planning – Download


1. The First Stages of Planning – Download


Congratulations on your engagement!

Don’t know where to start? Already freaking out about the mammoth task you’ve got ahead of you?

Everybody has to start somewhere and if you’re not quite sure whether you want to invest in the full Ultimate Wedding Guide bundle I’ve created yet, then this is definitely the right place to start.

This download gives you all of the templates and foundations you’ll need to get you underway.

Happy planning!

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With this download, you’ll not only receive the downloadable reading materials I’ve prepared, but you’ll also get the following print-outs to help you along the way:

  • Planning infographic – A 12 Month Timeline – A summary to pop on your fridge or in your diary to remind you what you need to be thinking about and when

  • Planning task list – A more in-depth list of tasks you need to achieve when – something to tick off – good if you like lists!

  • Budget Spreadsheet template – You can simply fill in your allocated budget and track your spending

  • RSVP Spreadsheet template – You can simply pop in your guest-list and mark off their attendance and special dietaries
  • Table Plan examples – some examples of table plans and seating options
  • Running Order example – to give you an overall steer on how your big day might pan out


Within SECTION 1, I take you through the first stages of planning your wedding. After a brief video intro, the PDF covers:

  • What wedding do you want? Civil vs religious vs humanist – all the procedures and timelines involved with each choice

  • Establishing your budget – including average UK budget

  • Setting the date for your big day

  • Picking your Wedding Team (your bridal party and groomsmen)

  • How many guests to invite

This is definitely the section that I recommend you download to get you started-off on the right foot with planning your wedding. It’ll give you the firm basis to carry you through the next 12 months or so of planning.

The following 3 sections are designed to complement and give you my full wealth of knowledge, so if you like Section 1, then I highly recommend you come back and download the rest of the bundle. You’ll also then receive your **FREE BONUS DOWNLOAD**.

So let’s get going…


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