3. The Suppliers – Download

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3. The Suppliers – Download


Hopefully you’ve been through sections 1 and 2 and/or are at the point of your planning where you’re now looking for the right suppliers. You don’t want to fall at this hurdle – your suppliers can make or break your special day!

This download talks you through the different wedding suppliers out there, the process of choosing the best ones for you and those need-to-know bits of information to ensure things run smoothly on the day.

By the end of this section, you’ll be 75% of the way to your big day, so get downloading now.

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So you’ll either have worked through Sections 1 and 2 and/or you’re a good way into your wedding planning journey. You’ll know when and where you’re getting married, who you’re inviting and you’ll have an overall feel for your theme and style of your special day.

With this next download will cover one of the biggest elements of the whole planning process – the suppliers.


  • DIY vs Hired help – the benefits of doing it yourself and when it’s best to hire in the professionals
  • Exactly what suppliers are out there
  • Getting yourselves and your bridal party kitted-out for the big day
  • Flowers, Lighting & Venue dressing
  • Music & Entertainment
  • What to eat
  • Capturing the big day
  • Getting about

In each section, I’ll go through the different terms to think about when searching for your ideal supplier, what these suppliers can provide, the average order and how best to liaise with them. You’ll understand the process of everything from your bridal boutique appointment, to having an engagement photo-shoot, to preparing your song list for the DJ.

You’ll be able to refer to your theme and mood-boards and communicate your wishes to your suppliers with confidence.

You’ll understand who’s job it is to set things up, dress the venue and tidy-up afterwards.

What about feeding and watering your guests? Big thing right? Well this section will cover all the options that might be available to you – from sit-down dinners to external catering. Drinks & corkage confusing you? I’ll explain it all.

There’ll even be a few money-saving tips in there too.

This is the chunkiest section as it’s packed full of useful info, so be sure to download.

The other 3 sections in this series are designed to complement and give you my full wealth of knowledge, so if you like Section 3, then I highly recommend you come back and download the rest of the bundle. You’ll also then receive your **FREE BONUS DOWNLOAD**.



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