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Hi, I am Holly Wood, Wedding Consultant and Planner.

First things first, CONGRATULATIONS!! on your engagement. What an exciting time…one of the most exciting times in your lives. I’m sure the two of you are basking in the glow of being newly engaged and all the congratulations you’re receiving – enjoy it, lap it up!



Unfortunately, this excitement doesn’t disappear, but can be overshadowed by the mammoth task you’ve just agreed to take on. You can quite quickly become overwhelmed and stressed-out once the pressures of planning a wedding take over and you realise just how much you have to do and how much you don’t know!

Well, I’m here to help! Over this series of downloads and videos, I will help you work out exactly what wedding you want and how to make it happen, whatever your budget. I’ll give you the insider knowledge I have from over 10 years in the wedding industry and pointers on what you need to think about and ask any suppliers you might engage with.


I started out my career in Corporate events co-ordination and moved into the world of Weddings because I loved the industry and dreamed of one day, planning my own wedding. I became a Wedding Planner at a boutique country house hotel and got to work on over 90 amazing weddings in my time there. I also got the knowledge from the other side of things, from the venue and supplier side. What really goes on behind the scenes and what the venue and suppliers do to give you the perfect wedding. (It’s not always as straight-forward as it seems).

I then moved to the other side of the country and worked in commercial brand events for a few years, before going off on maternity leave and realising I wanted to be back in the wedding industry. So I became a Wedding Consultant and Planner, helping wonderful couples realise the wedding of their dreams.

I quickly realised though, that not every couple has the budget for full-on Wedding planning services. And not every couple even realises they need a Wedding Planner, (until it’s too late and they wish they had hired one). But pretty much every couple I have spoken to or dealt with, didn’t realise the huge task they were taking on with planning a wedding and there was always some help and value I could give them as a Wedding Consultant.

So that’s when I dreamt up this idea…of helping you via the wonderful world of the internet. I can remotely help you plan your wedding, giving you advice and knowledge every step of the way.


Through a series of download and short videos, I break down this beast of a wedding planning process and make it much more manageable.

Hiring a Wedding Planner, on average, costs about 10% of your wedding budget. My full planning services start at £3,000. But this downloadable resource is far more accessible for all budgets and for those who don’t want to commit to a Wedding Planner.

At a fraction of the cost, you’ll get all of my knowledge, to take away and get planning yourselves. You’ll get all of the tasks and questions you need to ask, straight to your inbox…all you have to do, is do it!

I have conveniently broken-down the whole wedding planning process into 4 sections, which you’ll see below. You can choose which sections you need help with and which ones to download, though I do recommend you download the whole series to get the full wealth of knowledge and because you never know, there may be a really valuable piece of information tucked-away in there. Each section is designed to complement the ones that come before and after it too.


The first section is the one you won’t want to miss out on. It gets you started on the right foot and contains the tools and templates that’ll help you along the way and that will be referred to in sections 2, 3 and 4. This section is the must-have for all couples planning their big day and costs just £5.99 to download.

Then sections 2, 3 and 4 can be purchased for just £3.99 – bargain right?

That means all 4 sections purchased separately would cost you just £17.96!!

BUT, you can get it cheaper than that still!!

If you purchase the entire series in one-go…all 4 sections in one purchase…you’ll get everything you need to help you plan your wedding at the further reduced price of just £9.99! That’s cheaper than a cinema ticket!

PLUS If you purchase the whole series, you’ll also get a BONUS download for FREE! That’s content that only you will get and I don’t share publicly anywhere else, totally FREE to your inbox.

So that’s a lot of value for just £9.99. That’s the tools you’ll need to make sure you plan the best wedding you can, whatever your budget, for just £9.99. That’s undeniably, a bargain!

Just to re-cap what you’ll get for £9.99:

  1. 4 sections, breaking down each step of the wedding planning process into simple, approachable, easy-to-read pages
  2. 4 introductory videos that supplement each section
  3. A 12-month timeline of exactly what you need to do and when
  4. A workbook full of task-lists for you to check-off and fill-in as you go along
  5. A budget spreadsheet template to keep you on track with the cash-flow
  6. An RSVP spreadsheet template to manage all those guests
  7. And of course the BONUS download**

So get it today!


Well, I’ve put together a series of questions and things to ask your wedding venue, as after all, this is one of the most important parts of your planning process.

One of the most common things I experience with my couples is them just not knowing what they should be asking. Not realising some of the options available that they might not be told about. Not knowing some simple things to ask that could save hundreds of pounds.

So in this FREE Bonus Download, I’ve bullet-pointed exactly the things you should ask your wedding venue. You can print it out, take it with you, or simply copy and paste into an email with your venue or supplier. It really will help and give you the tools to potentially save some cash too!

When you download all 4 sections for just £9.99, you’ll get an email with a special link to access this bonus content.


PLUS download all of the sections today and get FREE access to a private Facebook group that I’ve set up just for you guys. This group is administered by me and me only and I’ll check-in to answer any specific questions you have. It’s also a place where you can chat with other brides and grooms-to-be, share tips and bounce ideas off each other. It really is another useful tool for your wedding planning process that won’t cost you a penny.

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